Top 3 Women’s Studies for the Fall

At Bible Study Insider, we want to help make this busy season of group life easier for you. Here are our Top 3 picks for women’s bible studies to engage your group as you get ready for the Fall. Each has a link to view the first session to allow you to preview the content more thoroughly. […]

3 Quick and Easy Recipes for Small Groups

Sometimes as a group leader the day just gets away from you, and you aren’t able to prepare the way you’d like to. If your time is short, but you need some finger foods when your small group begins showing up, here’s 3 recipes that take less than 15 minutes to prepare. These are quick […]

Top 3 Bible Studies for the Fall

Summer is quickly coming to a close and that means Fall is almost upon us. The Fall season can often be one of the busiest times of the year in group life. Many new groups are forming and existing groups are beginning to plan on their next bible study. At Bible Study Insider we want […]

Olympics Icebreaker Questions for Small Groups

We’re in the final week of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, and there’s been so many incredible moments and, no doubt, there will be more to come. Occasions like this are a great opportunity to tap into the natural excitement of the Olympics and use that to build energy and connection at your next […]

5 Olympic Recipes for Small Groups

Whether you’re pulling for Team U.S.A. or an individual athlete during these 2016 Summer Olympics, everyone wins when it comes to trying out the flavors and foods from host country, Brazil. The tasty traditions from this South American nation lean heavily on assertively seasoned stews, savory black beans, and sauces with a lot of style. Try one or more of the following […]

3 Icebreakers for Established Groups

Sometimes when a group has been together for an extended period, people can feel like they already know everything about each other. While you may know many things, there are always parts of our story that have gone unseen or unspoken. Take one or more of these activities and use with your established group that […]

Muffin Tin Recipes for Groups

Sometimes preparing a dish for your small group can be more complicated that you’d like. Finding a recipe that is easy to transport, serve, and eat for a group of eight or more people isn’t always the easiest thing, so we’ve gathered a few for you right here. These are all easy, delicious recipes that are […]

Independence Day Icebreakers for Small Groups

As you celebrate Independence Day next week, don’t forget to include your small group. Here’s a few icebreaker questions based on the 4th of July to use when your group gathers next. These simple questions will help your group members talk more about their story and help you all learn more about each other. Enjoy and have a happy fourth! […]

Summer Activities for Small Groups

Some small groups take a break in the summer, others make sure they are on mission, and still more groups use the summer to build deeper relationships with one another and those who don’t yet have a friendship with Jesus. No matter what your group is up to this summer, you may want some ideas […]

Top 3 Men’s Bible Studies for the Summer

So it’s summer and men are firing up the grill, planning vacations, and spending time outdoors. Just because this time of year provides a break from the normal schedules, doesn’t mean your men’s group should take a break. Men need to stay connected with one another and with God’s Word year-round to become Authentic Men. […]