More Back to School Icebreakers

Back to School

Here’s more icebreaker questions to use at your next small group meeting. Use these to allow an opportunity for the group to get to know each other better and for each person to become more comfortable sharing. Also, if you haven’t selected your next bible study, here’s our Top 5 Picks for the Fall. 1. […]

Top 5 Bible Studies for the Fall

Fall leaves

With Summer coming to a close, that means Fall is almost upon us. The Fall season is often the busiest time of the year in group life. Many new groups are forming and existing groups are beginning to plan on their next bible study. At Bible Study Insider, we want to help make this busy […]

Refreshing Recipes to Cool Down Your Small Group

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Even though summer is drawing to a close, it doesn’t seem to be getting any cooler outside! Don’t let the heat hold you back – get together with your small group and cool down with these fruity and refreshing recipes. B & L’s Strawberry Smoothie Prep: 5 min. Cook: 1 min. Ready in: 6 min. […]

More Summer Icebreakers for your Small Group

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Summer is a great time to invite new people into your small group to develop the missional dynamic of group life. Is there someone in your neighborhood or church that would like to grow their faith and feel more connected? Why not invite them to your next group gathering and use these summer-themed icebreakers to help […]

More Summer Icebreakers

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With the 4th of July celebration behind us, that means summer is half way over. If your group hasn’t met so far over the summer, plan a get together with food and fun and while you’re together, be sure to schedule your next group meeting and decide what your next bible study will be. If […]

Icebreakers for the Fourth of July

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  Next week we’re going to celebrate the fourth of July. Here are some icebreaker questions with a July 4th theme to use when your group gathers next. These simple questions will help your group members talk more about their story and help others learn more about each other. Happy fourth of July! 1. What was your family’s tradition on […]

Icebreakers for Summer

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Now that school is out and temperatures are on the rise, it can only mean Summer is here. Perhaps you‘re looking for ideas for your group during the summer or maybe you have yet to decide on how your group will spend the summer. Either way, here are some summer related icebreakers to use with your […]

What’s in the May ’15 Box?


So, what’s in the newest Bible Study Insider box? These 22 titles along with a DVD sampler that includes PDF samples and the complete Session 1 teaching video from each of these Bible studies that include video. Click on the covers to learn more. [Not signed up yet to be a Bible Study Insider? You can do that HERE.]   

Group Leader Skills: 3 Traits of an Effective Small Group Leader

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I realize that I have most likely given a different list of this nature at some time. My problem… I continue to see and get to know effective small group leaders and the traits they exhibit need to be added to the list. So, here are three more traits of an effective small group leader. 1. […]

FREE Easter Bible Study


In the midst of March Madness, we’d like to provide your group with a FREE Easter bible study, courtesy of Bible Studies for Life. Be sure to download this study to use with your group and celebrate Easter together. With Easter still a few weeks away, it’s time to make plans for your group if you haven’t already. Whether you are […]