3 Steps to Selecting Your Next Bible Study

The two most common questions among small group leaders are : What do we do with the kids. What should we study next. For this blog we will focus on the second question, what should we study next. With all the studies available to your group, this can be one of the most exhausting decisions a […]

Thanksgiving Icebreakers for Small Groups

Thanksgiving is just a little over a week away.  In the next seven days you’ll likely have your last group gathering before Thanksgiving. Before you and your group dive into your last study before Thanksgiving week, your icebreaker question/questions could allow each group member to remember Thanksgiving days passed. Because holidays bring back memories of […]

Hearty Recipes for Groups

With the holiday season approaching, it’s likely that your group will meet for fellowship and a meal in the coming months. And if you don’t have something like this planned already, be sure to put it on the calendar now. Sharing time together over a meal is a terrific way to grow your group closer […]

3 Autumn Icebreaker Questions for Groups

Now that we’re in November, Autumn is in full swing and the holidays are just around the corner. Use these icebreaker questions to learn more about each person in your group and to allow each person to share something personal with the group. It’s also import to begin planning how you will lead your group […]

Small Group Recipes for Halloween

When your small group meets this week, use these easy and delicious recipes to have more fun together. These will help jump start conversations and make you the hit of the party. Be sure to ask other group members to bring drinks and other side dishes to make these snacks even more hearty. Halloween Black […]

Halloween Icebreaker Games for Small Groups

We’re more than halfway through October and closing in on Halloween. When your group gathers next, surprise them with these fun games that will get everyone involved and having a good time. You can use these activities for all kinds of groups. Halloween Candy Conundrum Ask each person in your group to write down as many different types of […]

Autumn Icebreakers for Small Groups

Last week was the official first day of Autumn. You’ve probably noticed a chill in the air and some leaves already beginning to fall. Here’s a few icebreakers with an Autumn theme to get your group off to a great start in October: 1. October 1 is National Vegetarian Day. In honor of those healthy greens, what […]

Tailgating Recipes for Your Small Group

Headed to the game with your small group or having them over to watch the game at your house? These football recipes are sure to win big! If your small group is meeting for breakfast or brunch, check out these recipes. Fabulous Football Dip Prep: 2 min Cook: 15 min Ready in: 17 min Serves: […]

Icebreaker Questions for New Groups

When it comes to meeting with new small groups, getting the ball rolling can be more difficult. Use these questions to get your group talking and comfortable in no time. 1. If you were a superhero, what would your super-name be? What would your superpower be?   2. If they made a movie of your life, […]

More Back to School Icebreakers

Here’s more icebreaker questions to use at your next small group meeting. Use these to allow an opportunity for the group to get to know each other better and for each person to become more comfortable sharing. Also, if you haven’t selected your next bible study, here’s our Top 5 Picks for the Fall. 1. […]