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Small Group Icebreakers


Group Leader Skills: Why Silence Is Your Unexpected Friend

(Repost) Here’s a scenario most small-group leaders have experienced: You think of a great question as you’re preparing for a group meeting during the week. It’s a real doozy of a discussion starter—deep, poignant, and winsomely phrased. You … [Read More...]

Winter Icebreakers

Icebreaker Activities for Small Groups

We've had several discussions on the importance of icebreakers in small groups to facilitate getting to know each other, people hearing their voices, breaking up the normal routine, and just having fun. In fact, "icebreakers" continues to be among … [Read More...]

Icebreakers for October

Icebreakers for October

Icebreakers can be just the right thing for a small group, putting people at ease and creating fun or meaningful conversation for group members. Here’s a few icebreakers to start your group off this month: 1. Last week some people … [Read More...]

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