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Last Supper

Should Our Group Observe the Seder?

How do you prefer to celebrate or observe the Easter holiday? Most of us have specific traditions and rituals we follow year … [Read More...]

Small Group Icebreakers


FREE Easter Bible Study

In the midst of March Madness, we'd like to provide your group with a FREE Easter bible study, courtesy of Bible Studies for Life. Be sure to download this study to use with your group and celebrate Easter together. With Easter still a few … [Read More...]


Group Leader Skills: Discovering the Spiritual Gifts of Your Group

Have you ever thought of your group as a laboratory? What if you used it to conduct an experiment? The anticipated outcome would be that group members would help one another discover their gifts and try them out. Here are a few guidelines: 1. … [Read More...]


President’s Day Icebreakers for Groups

Happy President's Day! The third Monday of February is the holiday most use to commemorate the birthday's of President George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. It has also taken on a more extensive role of honoring all the presidents of our country. I … [Read More...]

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