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Connection with God and One Another

Dr. Tony Evans presents the principle that our vertical connection with God is expressed in our horizontal relationships with one another. He goes on to explain the connection between the way God blesses us and the way we bless others. God wants us … [Read More...]

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Tuning in to Truth

A Roman soldier “girded his loins” with something more akin to a girdle than a belt. (A manly one, I’m sure.) Most scholars agree that more than any other piece of the soldier’s clothing or equipment, this girdle—with its intricate decor and … [Read More...]

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Top 5 Bible Studies for Women

At Bible Study Insider, we want to help make this busy season of group life easier for you. Here are 5 women's bible studies we recommend for your group to engage with as you get going for the Fall. Each has a link to view the first session to … [Read More...]

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Breakfast and Brunch Recipes for Your Small Group

Whether your small group is meeting early in the morning or for brunch on the weekend, these morning recipes are sure to be a hit. If you're meeting later in the day, when the sun's beating down, check out these refreshing recipes. Banana Banana … [Read More...]

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Waiting On The Lord Is Not Passive

When you pray do you believe the Lord is going to answer your prayers? Praying in faith sometimes involves waiting. However, waiting upon the Lord is not inactive time. It is not passive. It is an active opportunity for us to be engaged in the things … [Read More...]

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Human Dignity

There was a point in human history, during the days of the Roman Empire, when the church was regarded as the institution of women and slaves, two largely ignored and disdained groups of people during the first century. They weren’t treated as whole … [Read More...]