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Counter Culture | Session 1

In a world marked by sex slavery and sexual immorality, the abandonment and murder of children, racism and persecution, the … [Read More...]

Small Group Icebreakers


Super Bowl Icebreaker Activities

It's almost time for the biggest game of the year! You know a lot of people in your group will be watching the Super Bowl. So make use of this cultural touchstone as a way to break the ice during your next group gathering. The following activities … [Read More...]


Group Leaders Skills: 3 Steps to Being a Better Listener

If you've led a small group for more than a few weeks, or if you've participated in one, you understand that listening is a valuable tool. That makes sense because most small groups spend the majority of their meeting time talking about their lives, … [Read More...]

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Group Leader Skills: 3 Times a Leader Should Keep Quiet

Small group leaders often feel an obligation to TALK. Here are three times when allowing another voice to be heard is the best choice. 1. When a small group leader asks a question. When leading a conversational Bible study, small group leaders … [Read More...]

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