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The Heart of Rebellion

God created human beings, both male and female, in His image. As a Father providing good things for His children, God gave Adam and Eve a good world to take care of and to enjoy. Everything He made—sun, moon, stars, trees and their fruit, sea … [Read More...]


Back to School Icebreakers

It's August, so if your small group has kids and they haven't started back to school yet, it's only a matter of time. Hopefully you've managed to stay connected during the summer with your group, which isn't always an easy task given summer … [Read More...]

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Redefining Fear

Pastor and author Pete Wilson examines ways fear keeps us from fulfilling the dreams and goals God has planned for our lives. The solution is to combat fear with faith. By learning to trust God more, we can break free of paralysis and move forward … [Read More...]

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The Gospel of the Kingdom

I don’t know who you are, reading this right now, but I know this. There’s a cemetery plot out there somewhere, maybe not even set aside yet, waiting for your corpse. One day, no matter who you are and what you’re doing, you’ll be dead. And in one … [Read More...]

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2 Keys for Effective Evangelism

In this video, authors Aaron Coe and Dustin Willis interview J. D. Greear, the pastor of The Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. Greear maps out the two critical ingredients for people he has seen become effective at sharing the gospel, … [Read More...]

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The Hands and Feet of Jesus

At a church in San Diego stands a unique statue of Jesus. There was nothing unusual about this statue until some vandals decided to break off Christ’s arms and hands. When the pastor of the church saw the vandalized Jesus without hands, he decided to … [Read More...]