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3 Keys to Preparing Your Heart for Leading a Group

The summer months are an odd time during which a large number of small-group leaders don't actively lead any small-group … [Read More...]



Grade Your Small Group

It's June, which means millions of students around the country have talked with their parents about their … [Read More...]

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Small Group Icebreakers

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The End of Winter Icebreakers

Although it may be difficult to believe (especially in some parts of the country today), the last "official" day of winter is this week! As we bid farewell to a rather cold season, here are a few icebreaker questions you can use in your small … [Read More...]


Icebreakers and Object Lessons

Do you remember object lessons? That's when a teacher or facilitator uses a physical object to help make a point or clarify a potentially complicated idea. For example, when I teach about our need to cut sinful behaviors out of our lives, I'll often … [Read More...]


Winter Icebreakers

I'm sure many of you are about ready to bid farewell to winter, with the unusually cold season that we've experienced! Here are some questions you can use in your small group to get the conversation going. 1) We’re in the middle of winter. If you … [Read More...]

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