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THURSDAY GIVEAWAY: The 7 Rings of Marriage

Today we are giving away 6 copies of The 7 Rings of Marriage by Jackie Bledsoe. Simply fill out the form below for your chance to win! CLICK HERE to view Session 1 of The 7 Rings of Marriage.  About The 7 Rings of Marriage From the engagement … [Read More...]

Be A Student of Your Spouse

“I vow to take time to share with you, to listen, and to care...”   Most of us have completed at least twelve years of school and received a diploma. Some went on to study in college and received an undergraduate degree. A handful kept going … [Read More...]

Q&A with Jackie Bledsoe on The 7 Rings of Marriage

View this Q&A with Jackie and Stephana Bledsoe as they share about some of their personal experiences that led them to develop The 7 Rings of Marriage, a resource that helps bridge the gap between the marriage you have and the marriage you hope … [Read More...]

3 Reasons Christians Should Work With Excellence

We’ve talked extensively about hard work, but what do we get for our efforts? Many people work long hours with very little production to show for it. On the other hand, the woman in this passage recognized that both her wares and her profits were … [Read More...]

Super Bowl Recipes for Small Groups

One of the best ways to connect your small group and grow relationships deeper is by doing things apart from the regular bible-study time. With just a few days until the biggest game of the year, why not have a Super Bowl party for your small group! … [Read More...]

4 Principles for Grace-Based Parenting

I have a difficult time keeping much more than three or four things straight in my head at any given time. That's why I was relieved to learn that God hasn't made this concept of parenting with grace that difficult. There are four basic things you … [Read More...]