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A Q&A With Pete Wilson

Everyone deals with fear. For some of us, fear can become paralyzing. But what if the real problem isn’t an overwhelming … [Read More...]

Small Group Icebreakers

Bible Study Group

Group Leader Skills: 3 Traits of an Effective Small Group Leader

I realize that I have most likely given a different list of this nature at some time. My problem… I continue to see and get to know effective small group leaders and the traits they exhibit need to be added to the list. So, here are three more traits … [Read More...]


FREE Easter Bible Study

In the midst of March Madness, we'd like to provide your group with a FREE Easter bible study, courtesy of Bible Studies for Life. Be sure to download this study to use with your group and celebrate Easter together. With Easter still a few … [Read More...]


Group Leader Skills: Discovering the Spiritual Gifts of Your Group

Have you ever thought of your group as a laboratory? What if you used it to conduct an experiment? The anticipated outcome would be that group members would help one another discover their gifts and try them out. Here are a few guidelines: 1. … [Read More...]

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